Free Printable Bible Verses For Moms

These scripture cards are specifically for me, as a Mom! I already created a set of ABC scripture cards for the kids. I printed the bible verses off and will laminate them. Then I’m going to stick the scripture cards up in various locations around the house (on cupboard doors, on mirrors, etc).

free printable scripture cards

Here they are! Just click on the links below to download. Each page has 4 different bible verses on it. I chose scriptures that specifically apply to areas in my life that I felt needed some work! :)

Free Printable Scripture Cards

First set of printable scripture cards

Second set of printable scripture cards

Third set of printable scripture cards

Memorize Scripture in the Shower

Memorizing Scripture In The Shower

If memorizing scripture is on your priority list but you’re trying to find the time to do it, I have the perfect solution for you. Memorize bible verses in the shower!!!

Here are two ways to memorize scripture in the shower:

1. Laminate the bible verses and hang over them shower head with a duct tape strap.

memorize scripture

I did this a few years ago when I was doing Beth Moore’s study on the book of James. My goal was to memorize the entire first chapter. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get the whole chapter memorized, but I did make it to verse 20!

I just chose the passage of scripture I wanted on, then I copied and pasted it into a Word document. After that, I printed it out and laminated it (we have this laminator)! I used some herringbone duct tape folded over to make a strap to go over the shower head. It is still hanging in our shower…two years later!

I want to work on memorizing individual scriptures verses this year, so I have made the printable scripture cards to use.


2. Listen to the Audio Bible using this Bluetooth shower speaker.


I bought this shower speaker for my husband for his stocking this Christmas, not really expecting it to work that great)! It has definitely exceeded our expectations and it was one of his favorite gifts!

We use this Bluetooth speaker and  YouVersion Bible app on our phones to listen to the Bible being read aloud. This is especially helpful when trying to memorize a large chunk of scripture.

This post was first published 2011. Updated 2018.

Do you have any favorite scriptures that you think should be included as free printable scripture card? Leave your suggestions in the comments and perhaps I’ll make another one… :)


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  1. This is great, Jenae! I have some of these verses posted around my house, but they are handwritten and not cute! I’m so excited to print these out and get some new verses added to the mix as well! Great idea!!! :)

  2. Thank you for the cute scripture cards. I put a note in my daughters’ lunches every day. We decided that I would start putting in a scripture a week for them to work on memorizing. This will get us started.

  3. Hi Pal! Thank you for the great cards! I’ve printed them and will place them here and there as well!
    OK, here’s my two cents worth…my frequent struggle is remembering all the stuff that my spouse said or did 200 years ago that I didn’t like. I also find myself focusing on the difficulties of life and comparing my “hard” situations with other’s “easy” lives. So when my mind starts to go in those directions this is my go to scripture. :)
    “Whatever is true,
    whatever is noble,
    whatever is right,
    whatever is pure,
    whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-
    is anything is excellent or praisworthy-
    think about such things.”
    Philippians 4:9

  4. Thanks so much for these awesome printables as well as the picture frame idea!! I teach a class on wed. night at our church and we are going to make these and also make them for their parents!! I just love these! Thanks again!!

  5. love these was just thinking the very last one could be taped on a homemade bottle of household cleaner with packing tape(so as not to ruin it)…

  6. I just love these cards! I printed them on cardstock today and will be posting them all around my house. Not only are they awesome reminders for me, but I love that my whole family will see them and even my two year old will be familiar with their presence in our home! LOVE this! Thank you! I have been following your blog for just a few months, but I love the ideas you share on here and your passion for the Lord! Keep up the great blogging! :o)

  7. I love this idea..i hope to make the picture frame as teacher gifts. how do you make the frame so the magnets stick??

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