A Lesson Learned: E-mailing God

I recently started e-mailing God. Before you get the whole e-mail scene with Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty in your mind…just hear me out.

When I speak my prayers, I lose track of my thoughts. They get jumbled and I stumble over my words. When I say my prayers silently in my head, things get even more convoluted. And if I’m in bed…I ALWAYS end up falling asleep before saying “Amen.”

Lots of people do prayer journaling. We actually talked about this a few weeks ago in our Sunday School class. Writing with pen and paper is time-consuming for me (not a good excuse, I know) and my hand starts hurting after a while (are you convinced that I’m a wimp, yet?). Plus, I can never find my journals.

But I am on the computer quite frequently throughout the day. Many of my communications with friends now happen via the internet…which is somewhat discouraging to me at times, but everybody is busy and it is convenient. So if I’m supposed to talk to God like a friend, why not e-mail???

It seems kind of silly, I know…but at least this way I’ll be (a) communicating with God and (b) keeping a record of my prayers. I find it to be such a faith-builder to look back on old prayers and see how God has worked through them!

This must be much more common than I thought because when I went to set up a separate account for e-mails to God, many of the “dear God” type addresses were already taken!

Do you keep a prayer journal? What is the best way you’ve found to communicate with God?


  1. I really like this idea. I was just talking to my mom about prayer. I am concerned that I fall asleep or get so "rambly" that I get off task and am not really praying anymore, but rather wandering off topic. Typing the prayers may be just the answer to this problem. Thank you. Marty ([email protected])

  2. I think this is a fabulous idea…I personally use sticky notes…they're like little sticky note frames that I can save as text files or have them float around on my screen…When I find that perfect quote (be it from the Bible or someone I'm reading), I can add it to a note and have it float during the day to remind me! I love that I'm not the only one that has to write while I'm talking…I know I "talk" better when my hands are busy typing as I'm focused on what I'm saying more….thanks for the uplift!

    Swamp Frog First Graders

  3. This is an awesome idea. I have never thought of it before, but it makes sense. I have a prayer journal. I started it last month. I really like it and it really helps. I love it! I can see a 'God Email' working the same way. I might have to check that out. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. I really love this idea and I'm wondering why I haven't thought of it sooner. I write so much better than I speak. There are times when something is really on my heart, I can kneel beside my bed and really speak to God. But then there are the more often times when I'm praying in general about several different things and I totally get off track. Thanks so much for the idea!!

  5. I think God delights in us however we communicate with Him. All that matters is that we do. I love journaling in a notebook, but also on a file I have set up on my computer.

  6. wow, this such a great idea! ive heard of preyer journals, too, but i never seem to have time [i know, bad excuse] for writing in a journal, and like you i never can FIND my journals…thats why i have a personal blog. lol. and i ALWAYS ramble in prayer…i know god has all the time in the world, but an hour and a half worth of prayer at bedtime really digs into my sleeping time and i always repeat myself and miss the points i really wanted to pray about [missionaries from our church in indonesia, and the troops and their families…again, i know, bad.] but this, THIS is a GREAT idea! i dont know many people who dont spend at least 10 minutes writing and responding to email a day. and im pretty sure gods up with the whole techonology, thing…afterall, hes the one that gave people the ideas and tools to create it! :)

  7. sounds like a great idea…i always get distracted when I try to just pray..i used to use a prayer journal but I got out of the habit…I'll keep this idea in mind!

  8. I really like this idea. Right now I pray every night with my daughter at her bedtime. Then of course there are moments in the day where I need to send out some prayers of my own and just say it in my head. I'd wish I could be getting e-mails reminding "hey just pray about it" Its so easy for me to forget to hand it over to God when something is bothering me.

  9. I also get distracted, fall asleep, forget what I was praying about… I used to sit and fill up journals with prayers, drerams and thoughts. Now, with four children, I rarely have time and I am a much faster typer than writer… even if I only have one hand free. I think this is a wonderful idea.

  10. My dad has been doing this very thing to deal with the physical issues our mom has been facing the past 10 years, and he's challenged me and my siblings to do the same. i use to keep a written prayer journal, but with marriage and then four kids later I let it slide. It really did help me get my thoughts out there and let God have them. So, maybe now I'll get with it and start again. Thanks for the reminder.
    [email protected]

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