Math Made Easy (For School Age Children)

Guest Post by Dana of Third Grade Gridiron

I introduce students to several different ways to solve math problems. When planning instruction and centers, I have to remember that my students learn in multiple ways and I must meet their individual needs. Here is one strategy I use when teaching multiplication:


During this center, I show students multiple ways to find the product of a multiplication sentence. They can use repeated addition and models. Many times, parents want to incorporate these strategies at home, but may be unsure about terminology or the exact way to teach the strategy. It has always been my goal to help parents better understand what we’re doing in the classroom so that they can be an integral part of their child’s academic success.


Another strategy I use during math is flashcards. Seriously. The kids LOVE them and they are reinforcement for fluency and accuracy of math facts. I use both addition/subtraction and multiplication/division flashcards in my third grade classroom. Similar to reading, students must be fluent and accurate when using their math facts. If they are still struggling, the other math skills will be more difficult and the student may become frustrated.

When teachers share ideas and resources with parents, our students are more likely to succeed. Education is a team sport! No one can do it alone.



Dana is a third grade teacher in Georgia. This is her eighth year of teaching. Prior to teaching 3rd grade, Dana taught first grade for six years. Stop by her blog for more ideas and resources.



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