Busy Bag: 3 Letter Lacing

Guest Post by Melissa at mama♥miss

One of the things I enjoy doing with my kiddos is incorporating learning into a fun activity. And if that activity can be incorporated into a busy bag – well, I love it even more! This activity for the Pre-K level concentrates on visual motor skills, hand-eye coordination, letter recognition, word identification, as well as picture-word matching.

tools/materials needed:

  • 1 pipe cleaner, cut in half
  • letter beads, with at least a 1/8 inch opening
  • free printable
  • scissors
  • plastic baggie
  • laminator & 1 laminating sheet

Print out & laminate the free printable. After it is laminated, cut the sheet into 10 word flashcards. Using one half of the pipe cleaner, have the kiddos thread the matching letters, building the word for each card. For their small hands, when they are using a pipe cleaner versus string, it provides a firmer base to thread the beads onto without the beads turning. This is especially important for easier recognition of each letter to build the word. This is a great busy bag activity to keep in your purse for restaurants. I hope you enjoy it – it’s one of the more frequently requested busy bags in my purse :)


And here is the free printable (click on the button for a printable PDF file):

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  1. I don’t mean for this to sound greedy or even ungrateful… but do you have any more words? I REALLY like these! I like how simple you have the letters and pictures and how the wooden bead letters match! I went to Walmart and found our beads for under $4, and I would LOVE to have more words to add to this collection and activity, but I would like them to match if at all possible. Either way, THANK YOU, for offering these for free!

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