Minion Snack Cups

Minion Snack Cups


Our boys have been counting down to the Minions movie coming out this Friday! There are so many fun Minion crafts and activities out there (the Perler Bead Minions is our current favorite). We thought we would join in the Minion mania with some fun and simple Minion Snack Cups!


I tried a few different ways, including duct tape, but found it was easiest to glue on pre-printed goggles. Download and print your own here.


Here’s what you’ll need:  Yellow Pudding/Gelatin Cups, permanent marker, googly eyes, school glue, and the printable goggles page.




We used Lemon-flavored pudding and gelatin cups because they were the yellowest snack cups we could find. :)




1. Print and cut out the goggles from the downloadable page. Use school glue to secure the goggles and googly eyes onto the pudding cups.




2. Use a permanent marker to draw a mouth and hair on the snack cups.



Minion Snack Cups

Easy peasy! Aren’t they cute?!?!



Minion Snack Cups




Minion Snack Cups



Will your family be seeing Minions this summer?



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