Product Reviews & Giveaways

I love sharing product reviews and giveaways with my readers! If you would like me to do a product review, I will gladly share my honest opinions and thoughts. If my experience with a product is so negative that I feel I cannot promote such a product (due to complications, poor design), etc, I will contact you prior to the product review being posted.

Giveaways and reviews are typically posted each Monday and run through Friday (one per week), where a winner is randomly selected via and posted on the blog.

Due to new laws regarding online giveaways (sweepstakes), I cannot require anything of my readers to enter (liking, visiting a page, etc). Doing such puts the giveaway into the category of an illegal lottery. However, additional entries may include such tasks. I suggest only 1 extra entry as I consider it poor blogging etiquette to make my readers jump through a million hoops to enter a giveaway.

Due to Facebook terms of use, I also cannot use Facebook’s name or trademark in any giveaway posts.

Please contact Jenae at [email protected] if you are interested in promoting your product or service through a giveaway!

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