Acappella Babies: Product Review & Giveaway (2 copies)

*This giveaway is now closed.*

In my opinion, there are few things in life that sound as beautiful as human voices in harmony together. I recall going to church camp when I was in high school, having 1,000 voices singing to God with absolutely no accompaniment…and how amazing it sounded, so much so it gave me chills every single time we would get together for worship.

That’s why I was excited to review the Acappella Babies DVD! From the back of the DVD…

“It’s been theorized that children learn music the same way they learn language. Early exposure to vocal melodies and harmonies can train the ear to recognize the language of music. The Acappella Company has a 30-year history of producing award-winning, all-vocal music. In this DVD, rich and complex harmonies are paired with visually stimulating imagery to attract the attention of babies and toddlers alike. Song selection from TAC albums including Acappella Children, Acapella Melodies, and Acappella Lullabies have been compiled on this new DVD series to introduce your baby’s ear to the intricacies of vocal harmony. As they listen, their minds will be engaged with playful scenes of nature, animals, vivid colors, and motion.”

I watched this 20-minute video with Big Brother (while Little Brother was napping) and loved the God-centered lyrics and harmony of the voices. It’s very similar to the “Praise Baby” DVD’s with vibrant pictures and video of children, babies, animals, and interesting objects. And I can guarantee you will tapping your foot while listening as well!

One thing that sets this DVD apart, though, was the short bursts of musical “exercises” using the “Do”, “Re”, “Mi”, “Fa”, “Sol”, “La”, “Ti” scale. I admit that I don’t have a musical bone in my body (as you’ve probably noticed if you’ve watched any of our songs), but this seems like it would be an excellent and fun way to encourage your child to sing on pitch. Plus, the DVD also comes with a complimentary audio CD as well!

On another note, we also have two CD’s that were given to us right after Big Brother was born that we absolutely LOVE:  Like My Daddy and Acappella Babies. We all love singing these precious songs together.

Acappella Babies has graciously offered to give away not one, but TWO copies of this DVD! All I ask is that you are currently a follower via e-mail, Google Friend Connect (see left sidebar), Facebook, or Twitter. Just leave a comment with your e-mail address (it will be deleted after the giveaway ends).

This giveaway will end on Friday, May 13 at 10am (CST).

*PS- The Acappella website recommends this for babies 3 months +. Due to the recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, I would say this video is appropriate for children ages 2+ (or extremely sparingly with younger children). But the CD included would be perfect for any age!


  1. I would love to win this! I've been a fan of the Acappella Company since I was a child. I'd love to get my kids involved! I follow with Google Reader.

  2. The Acappella Company is the soundtrack to my family's life! They have so many wonderful recordings and songs, many based almost word for word on Scripture.

    I teach preschool music; this would be a wonderful resource to use.
    [email protected]

  3. I have been following your blog by email for months. I love it. I am a toddler montessori teacher and have a toddler on my own. We would like very much to have this resource.

  4. I started following your blog just last week when I found it. I'm a teacher turned stay at home mom and I follow via Google Friends Connect and Facebook. Since I found it late I started reading from your first post and read through until the most recent. Love it! And my daughter LOVES music and dancing so she would enjoy this DVD.

  5. I'm a Facebook follower, GFC follower, and seriously look forward everyday to your email newsletters. Thank you so much for helping me bring joy and learning in more exciting and engaged ways to my 3 little cuties!!


  6. I am a email follower and have been so blessed to share your site with others! I lead a group of 50 women at our church (MOPS). I often used your ideas and the site is a gateway to share Christ with other children via moms. :) Amanda
    [email protected]

  7. Hi. I would love to win this, thanks. I subscribe by email.
    danda dot oldroyd at ntlworld dot com

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