Roll and Retell Reading Comprehension Activity

It’s the final day of our 30 Days of Reading Fun for Beginning Readers series!!! Since today is a Monday, we are focusing on reading comprehension. This Roll and Retell Reading Comprehension Activity helps engage young readers in recalling details about a book.


There are several important ways to help a child comprehend what he/she has read. The first (and strongest, in my opinion) way is to help him/her make connections. This can be connections to their own experiences or connections to other books. Making mental images is another helpful strategy. Finally, asking questions requires a child to reflect critically on what he/she has just read. This strategy is our focus for this activity.


Once you read a fictional story, grab a die and let your child/student start answering questions about the story depending on the number that is rolled.


If your child/student rolls:

1:  What is the setting?
2:  Who are the characters?
3:  When does the story take place?
4:  What is the problem?
5:  How is the problem solved?
6:  What is your favorite part?


Get your copy of our Roll and Retell Reading Comprehension Activity here.



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