3 Secrets to Creating a Reading Nook Your Kid Will Crave Spending Hours In

3 secrets reading nook


Guest Post by Corina of the Collected House Blog


It’s difficult, isn’t it?

Raising a reader is no small task.

It takes countless hours. It takes a huge commitment from mommy and daddy.

And results come slowly. 

Raising a reader is so important that you must persevere. How on earth will they get into college, let alone graduate with a good GPA, if they despise reading?

So you might as well figure out a way to make it happen. You’ll need all the help, tips, and tricks you can find. 

What if you made reading time so enjoyable that they just can’t get enough of it? It’s no easy task. You are competing against their favorite TV shows, iPad time, and games on your phone. 

But you have imagination on your side. Opening a book is like peeking into a fantasy world that you and your child can create. You should bank on imagination, and maximize it.


Create the perfect reading space for your child, a space they want to visit over and over again.

How to create the perfect reading nook for you and your child

Let me tell you a secret; creating a reading nook has nothing to do with it being Pinterest-worthy. Neither is it about replicating the latest Pottery Barn catalog picture. Or buying that adorable bookcase you found online.

It’s about the wonderful moments you and your kid will spend in that corner.

So make it magical!

1. Ditch the bulky armchair. If your child and you don’t fit comfortably in the chair, dump it.

So, you have a beautifully coordinated armchair that is not comfortable — relocate it somewhere else in the house.

Instead, arrange a large beanbag or two. Or place a crib mattress you no longer need, add a few pillows for comfort, and you are set.

2. Quadruple the coziness. You know it. Kids love cozy places. They love tents, bunk-beds, and feeling protected in their own little space.

What better way to make the reading experience more magical than to create their own little tent? If you are crafty, amazing! If not, hundreds of options are online.

3. Lighting is key. You want your kids to be totally engaged in the book. For young children, a big part of reading is looking at the fantastic drawings in the book, which demands good lighting.

So choose the place where you’ll be reading to make the most out of daylight. If daylight is poor, plan on always having a lamp at hand.

Maximizing your chances to raise an avid reader

It’s daunting.

But you can do it. Millions of parents have raised readers.

And so will you.

Make reading fun, special, and a bonding experience they will remember forever.

You’ll be planting the seeds for a lifelong love for reading, and they’ll always be grateful for it.

Corina Semph is the talented interior designer behind collectedhouse.com blog. She believes that everyone should be able to have a home that is beautiful, comfortable and uncluttered, even if you have rambunctious kids. Sign up for her Free 8 Week series on 101 Stunning Ways to Add Color to Your Home, Even if You are Color Cautious.

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