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It’s Day 11 of our 30 Days of Reading Fun for Beginning Readers series. On Wednesdays during this series we are focusing on vocabulary and/or sight words. We have done TONS of sight words activities over the years (mostly with my older kids), but this might be my absolute favorite sight word activity because it was interactive and SUPER easy to set up!


Not only is this activity great for helping kids memorize high-frequency words, but spraying the water bottle is also good for strengthening the small muscles in the hands.


Fair warning, though, if you are doing this activity in September and don’t already have chalk on hand. Sidewalk chalk is HARD TO FIND! I went to three different stores to find some and they were all out, so I ended up borrowing my mom’s stash of chalk. Of course, you can always purchase it on Amazon if you are planning in advance (which I wasn’t…I just came up with this activity this afternoon).


Here’s what you’ll need for this Sight Word Spray Activity:

Sidewalk Chalk

-A spray bottle

-Index cards with sight words written on them


1. Write out each word 3-4 times using sidewalk chalk. I chose the words:  the, he, and, she, my, and to.



2. Fill an empty spray bottle with water.


3. Write the corresponding sight words on an index card.



4. Show your child the index card and, if necessary, help him/her read the word. Then encourage him/her to search for each word on the concrete and spray it with the spray bottle of water.


She was having fun…despite the fact that she thought the watered-down yellow chalk looked like throw-up. :)




At the very end, I let her use the hose to spray ALL of the words.





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