Sorting a Snack with "Dinosaur Teeth"

This simple activity lets your preschooler work on 2 skills at once- fine motor control and sorting. And with a little imagination…a chip clip becomes dinosaur teeth!

The small muscles in the hands are always much slower to develop than larger muscles. So those little muscles need some extra practice…especially in preparation for learning to write. This activity proved to be much more difficult for Big Brother than I had originally thought it would be, but great fine motor practice none-the-less!

In addition, sorting is an important concept for preschoolers. It involves discriminating the differences between a group of items based on a specific characteristic (in this case–color).

So, here’s what you’ll need for this activity:  Some chip clips (you can try a variety of sizes), a snack or cereal to sort, and some small containers to put the sorted snack into (we used empty baby food containers).

1. Arrange the cereal and empty containers on a plate. I went ahead and put a few of each color of cereal into the containers to get Big Brother started.

2. Give your little one the chip clip and let them get started! We experimented with a few different sizes since Big Brother had some trouble with this activity.

Eventually, Big Brother got frustrated and just used his hands…oh well!

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  1. Thank you for this container idea. Organizing these snacks in containers can certainly cut down on cupboard clutter. Thank you for these helpful suggestions.

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