Take Your Kids to An Honor Flight Homecoming

Looking for a way to honor our veterans? Take your kids to an Honor Flight Homecoming! This is a wonderful way to express our gratitude, respect, and appreciation for our elderly veterans!

My 91-year old grandpa recently moved in with my parents. He is still extremely independent but found himself needing assistance with meals and housekeeping. Prior to this year, he has lived over 9 hours away. Getting to see him on a weekly basis, as opposed to just once a year, has been an immense blessing to me and my family.

My grandpa served in the Korean War. Like most veterans of that era, he does not like to talk about the war or the horrors he endured. He does, however, have an unparalleled appreciation for this country and is extremely proud to be an American.

Papa Dillon (as we call him) recently had the immense honor of participating in our state’s Honor Flight program. This important organization allows veterans to fly to Washington, D.C. to stay for two nights and tour all of the memorials.

The organizers of the Honor Flight invite family, friends, and individuals in the community to come to the airport when these heroes arrive home from their 2-day trip. They told us that this is one of the most poignant parts of the trip for these veterans. We decided to take our kids out of school for this opportunity and I am so thankful we did!

There were school groups as well as many volunteers and patriotic organizations present at the Honor Flight Homecoming. Attending a special event such as this one is yet another one of the ways that children can honor veterans.

Watching the elderly veterans enter the baggage claim area to crowds cheering and applauding brought tears to my eyes. In the case of the Vietnam vets especially, this homecoming was much different than the jeering insults they endured after serving their time in Vietnam.

Take Your Kids to An Honor Flight Homecoming

Looking for a way to include your kids in honoring a veteran (or dozens of veterans)? Everyone is invited to attend an Honor Flight Homecoming…the more people, the better!

Make some signs, wear patriotic colors, and bring some flags to wave!

You can find information on the Honor Flight Network but I would also encourage you to look for more specific information for Honor Flights in your state by googling “Honor Flight <State Name>”. Most of these nonprofit organizations will have a Facebook page with the most current information for their Homecoming ceremonies!

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