The Secret Benefit of Fishing

Big Brother and Prince Charming went camping last weekend. They both had a blast, but I think Big Brother might now be obsessed with all things CAMPING!

Big Brother loved fishing while they were on the campgrounds. Prince Charming, probably hearing that little safety voice of mine echoing in his head, promptly removed the hook…for now, anyway. The thrill of fishing isn’t really in how many fish you catch anyway, right? It’s all about the process!

Since last weekend, Big Brother has begged to “go fishing” in our little pond in the backyard. We are in desperate need of some rain, so it is more swamp-like than pond-like…but he managed to maneuver the fishing line  past all the tree limbs and debris.

Upon further investigation, I noticed something about fishing I had never noticed before…it’s great for fine motor practice!!!


Reeling the line and gripping the pole are excellent for developing fine motor control. It helps develop the small muscles in the hands. And casting the line is great gross motor practice!

Get out the fishing poles, remove the hook, find some water, and let your child cast and reel to his/her heart’s content!


  1. I totally thought you were going to say that it gets the boys out of the house and gives mom some peace and quiet. hee hee! That’s the secret benefit around here! :)

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