Wildflower Seed Bombs

Add a sprinkle of color to your landscaping by making these Wildflower Seed Bombs!  These also make beautiful gifts!  How to Make Wildflower Seed Bombs


Tis the season for flowers!  As part of our garden thematic unit, we made some wildflower bombs to throw in the front of our yard!  We desperately need some color and beauty in our lives right now as we are all in the midst of the pandemic.  Making these wildflower bombs is a fun way to spread a little sunshine.  It is also super easy and uses materials you most likely already have on hand (perhaps except for the wildflower seeds).


Materials for Wildflower Seed Bombs:


Construction Paper


Blender/food processor

Wildflower Seeds (we live in the midwest so I selected the midwest version)

Optional:  Silicone Molds

Optional:  Paper Shredder



1. In separate bowls for each color, add enough water to your shredded paper so that all the paper is submerged.  Let it sit for 20 minutes.


2.  Once fully soaked, pour some of the water out and add the the paper/mixture to the blender.  Blend until smooth (or as smooth as mushy paper can get).  😜



3.  Put the paper mixture in a fine strainer and use a potato masher to press as much water as you can out of the paper mixture.


4.  Press the paper mixture into the silicone molds (only halfway).


5.  Sprinkle seeds on top.


6.  Press another layer of the paper mixture on top.


My sweet helper!


7.  Set outside in the sun until fully dry.  It took ours about 24 hours to dry completely.



The wildflower seed bombs will obviously do best if they are put into moist soil (and covered with a little more dirt), but you can try scattering them by throwing them on the ground too.



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