Bottle Cap Sorting

Bottle Cap Sorting

This Bottle Cap Sorting activity is a great way to reuse caps while encouraging color recognition.  Sorting is a beneficial cognitive development exercise because it requires a child to differentiate between colors and then group like colors together.


Here’s what you’ll need:  various colors of bottle caps and a muffin tin…and a willing participant.  :)



1.  Lay out the materials and then give your child instructions.




2.  Start sorting!















*This activity should be monitored at all times, especially if using smaller caps.  This activity is not recommended for children who still place items in their mouths.




  1. says

    Love the pictures and the idea of using a muffin tin for sorting. I’ve used empty egg cartons, but the cardboard starts to tear after awhile. I’ll switch to the tins! Thanks for the tip. Renee

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