Winners of the Tina Steinberg Gift Certificates


The winners of the two $75 gift certificates to are: Comment #99:  Ashley D. who said, "I shared this giveaway on my FB page." and Comment #138:  Cindy who said, "I definitely love the “chosen” ones! We learned so much about our adoption as sons and daughters of Christ, when we were in the process of adopting our little girl. It really is an amazing thoug … [ Keep reading… ]

Drive-Thru Printable

note pic

Have you ever had the urge to pay for someone's meal in the car behind you just to be nice?  But maybe you thought they would think you were a crazy stalker?  Well, here's a solution!  Print out a couple of these Drive Thru Notes to keep in your car for the next time you get a hankerin' to pay it forward! … [ Keep reading… ]

Shape Fire Engine

Shape Fire Engine

We can't learn about fire without learning about those who put them out...and their mode of transportation, of course!   This is a great way to practice shape recognition, scissor skills, and visual discrimination (placement of the "tires", etc). Here's what you'll need:  construction paper, a marker, a glue stick and scissors.   1.  Trace and cut out your shapes.  I arranged them j … [ Keep reading… ]

Toddler Time: Sorting Cookie Cutters


Oh, the joys of simple activities!  This was a huge hit and allowed Little Brother and me to spend lots of time playing, laughing, and singing together. For this activity, I used a giraffe peg hanger that currently resides on the wall in Little Brother's bedroom.  I had originally planned to use our baby links (like these), but I couldn't find ours and refused to spend $5 at Target for a simple … [ Keep reading… ]

What puts out a fire?


I started off this little science experiment asking Big Brother, "What do you think puts out a fire?" I then used a candle in a glass jar with a lid for the following activity.  PLEASE use EXTREME caution if you try this...and I only suggest it for children 4 or older!!!  Keep your child far back away from the flame. I first asked Big Brother to breathe in deeply.  Then I asked what he br … [ Keep reading… ]

National Fire Prevention Week


Next week (October 9-15) is National Fire Prevention Week.  We take fire pretty seriously in this husband was badly burned burning brush in our yard last year.  Had it not been for the pond in our backyard that he jumped in, the accident could have easily been fatal.  Thanks to  the staff at our doctor's office bending over backwards and spending up to 2 hours each day scrubbing his bur … [ Keep reading… ]