Playdough, Golf balls, & Tees


I have been extremely unmotivated to do anything productive these last two days (besides doing our 30 Days of Intentional Acts of Kindness, that is).  The weather doesn't help, either.  It's cold, rainy, and just plain gloomy out today. So today I pulled out the playdough, some golf tees, and a stray golf ball that we found on our walk last night and let the boys go to their pajamas, … [ Keep reading… ]

30 Days of Intentional Acts of Kindness with Your Kids Link Up

acts of kindness button2

Today is the day!  We begin our journey of intentionally showing kindness through simple acts every day for an entire month.  I'm hoping and praying that at the end of this month, I will be much more thoughtful and in tune with meeting the needs of the people around me.  In my post last week, I asked each of you participating to make a list of 7 simple acts to get you started.  Here are … [ Keep reading… ]

‘From Our Kitchen to Yours’ Printables

From Our Kitchen To Yours

  One of our intentional acts of kindness this week will be delivering a meal to a friend.  I am thankful to be surrounded by some really amazing women who have blessed our family with meals during important times in our lives--new babies, sicknesses, and even accidents.  I cannot tell you how much these meals have meant to our family.  It certainly made me realize what an important act … [ Keep reading… ]

Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Wand: Product Review and Giveaway


*Sorry!  This giveaway has ended.  Check back every Monday for another great giveaway.* Forget Halloween.  Do you know what really scares me (especially with winter quickly approaching)???  GERMS!  Have you seen Contagion???  Talk about a scary movie!  Yikes!  This movie will have you literally running to the nearest store to buy surgical masks for your entire family...or maybe that was … [ Keep reading… ]

A Lesson Learned: What’s my motivation?


I absolutely love when I'm completely immersed in a Bible study or book that challenges me spiritually, how everything around me seems to echo what I'm learning.  I've noticed a recurring theme of challenging my motivation for having a relationship with God.  My Beth Moore Bible study on John is doing this and reading Your God is too Safe by Mark Buchanan is doing this as well.  Most recently, … [ Keep reading… ]

Sponsor Saturday


If you haven't checked out our great sponsors (-------->), you are seriously missing out!  Take a few minutes to read a little bit more about them today! RV Parties, formerly known as "The Things I Sell on Etsy", is an Etsy shop specializing in personalized party supplies and custom melamine plates.  The designs are fun, crisp, and entertaining! Here are just a few of my current … [ Keep reading… ]