Top Eleven in ’11: #11


For the next eleven days, I'll be counting down the most popular posts of the year.  The posts you will see in the coming days have had the most visits according to Google Analytics. Let's start with #11.   Ribbon Blanket for Baby It all started with a simple description from a parent of one of my students as she was picking up her daughter from school!  The first ribbon blanket I made … [ Keep reading… ]

Candy Cane Creations

Candy Cane Creations

We have a box with a bazillion miniature candy canes that my cousin gave us, which also happen to be a few years old.  I'm sure they are perfectly fine to eat (and we have had a few), but I was trying to think of ways we could use them up that didn't involve digesting them. I'm just gonna warn you upfront on this was completely trial-and-error.  Because of this, only one out of four of … [ Keep reading… ]

Sent in by You: Picture Frame Felt Christmas Tree


Jessica sent in this adorable idea for creating a felt Christmas Tree using an old picture frame.  Here are the directions from Jessica: So maybe like you, I always have great intentions of homemade gifts for Christmas, and I never get to ALL of them :) With that in mind, I was planning on putting together a much bigger version of a felt board for my boys as a Christmas present, and well, it … [ Keep reading… ]

A Lesson Learn(ing): This Work is Worth It


It's easy as a mother this time of year to start having a bit of a pity party about the holidays. "I've got so much to do." "You mean, I'm supposed to bake something else?" "I buy for everyone in both of our only have to buy for me" (something I'm embarrassed to admit I recently said to my husband in such a pity party). "I stayed up until two in the morning wrapping … [ Keep reading… ]

Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!


There were lots of fun ideas shared last week.  Here are just a few: Lorie from Reading Confetti came up with this clever idea for using drinking straws to make a Christmas tree!  This is a great opportunity to practice those scissors skills with your little one. I love how Discover Explore Learn used candy canes to explore early math concepts! Looking for an inexpensive gift for a … [ Keep reading… ]