Toddler Time: Off and On


This is one of Little Brother's favorite games.  He pulls up the stool and turns the light on and off, all the while I'm saying "On" and "Off" respectively. Simple?   Yes.  Emphasizing language development and antonyms (opposites)?  Yes and yes. Enjoy!     … [ Keep reading… ]

3-D Pumpkin Puzzles


Sometimes people ask me where I come up with my ideas.  I'm REALLY not a very creative person (I'm not even a fan of crafting, at least on the adult level...mostly because I am completely inept).  In all honestly, a lot of times I look at a piece of trash and wonder what I can do with it.  This activity was no exception. Here's what you'll need:  an egg carton, either an orange Sharpie or ora … [ Keep reading… ]

Finding Triumph in the Midst of Tragedy: Missy’s Story


Guest Post by Missy of Homeschooling Jungle When my husband and I got married in early 2005, we knew that we wanted to start a family.  We also knew that it would take a small act of God for it to happen.  After seeing a doctor, I was diagnosed with PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome.  Eight months later (and 1 out of state move, 1 six month deployment, and 3 new doctors), I was finally under … [ Keep reading… ]

Easy Potato Soup


  It's soup weather!  Hooray!  I love soup in the fall.  This potato soup and my tortilla soup are tied for my favorite homemade soups.  And both are super easy to make! No peeling or cutting potatoes...just use a bag of these babies (make sure you get the Southern style as they're cubed not like normal Hash Browns). And now for the recipe (go here for the printable): 1 bag of … [ Keep reading… ]

Making Shapes


I've seen lots of ideas floating around using variations of craft sticks and velcro.  So rather than try to fancy it up, I thought I'd keep it simple and  show you how we used this idea to make various shapes! Here's what you'll need:  craft sticks (I received mine compliments of Craft Project Ideas) and a package of Velcro circles. 1.  Place the Velcro circles on each end of the craft sti … [ Keep reading… ]

Learn & Master Photography DVD Series: Product Review & Giveaway


*Sorry!  This giveaway has ended.  Be sure to check back every Monday for another great giveaway!* A couple weeks ago I started a photography class at our city's recreation center.  The problem is, I will have missed 2 of the 5 classes when the course ends this because Little Brother was sick (and Prince Charming was out of town) and the other because we chose to participate in … [ Keep reading… ]