Shape Hunt and Sort


After using the painter's tape yesterday for our walk the line toddler activity, I decided to "recycle" the tape for an activity for Big Brother as well.  I just tore strips of tape and arranged them into 4 shapes:  a triangle, square, rectangle, and a circle.   The circle was slightly difficult.  I just took a long piece of tape and connected the two ends together while I held it in … [ Keep reading… ]

Toddler Time: Walk the Line


Balance is a tricky thing for a toddler.  This one safe way to ease into learning to balance.  Just lay a piece of masking tape (or painter's tape) on the ground and encourage your little one to "walk the line".   At first, he/she will probably just try to keep one foot on the line while the other one "scoots" beside it.  That's perfectly fine!  As your child gets a little older and more com … [ Keep reading… ]

Magnetic Scripture Frame


This scripture frame is actually just a repurposed picture frame...magnetized!  I love the idea of having the scriptures on the outside of the glass so that you can easily change them out. And guess where I ended up putting this frame??? Yep, I need this reminder especially when doing such menial tasks such as doing the dishes.  Plus, this is where I spend a lot of time during the day … [ Keep reading… ]

Build A Monster!


Go Away, Big Green Monster has been one of our favorite books to read lately!  This is a wonderful book for young children because it is repetitive and has a predictable pattern (as is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?).  After hearing it 2-3 times, young children can then "read" it to themselves, (which, of course, they aren't actually reading but applying the repetitive pattern) making th … [ Keep reading… ]

Finding Triumph in the Midst of Tragedy: Andrea’s Story (Domestic Violence)


Guest Post by Andrea of Walking in the Light In 2005 I made the most frightening decision in my life. I took my 3 little girls (then age 2, 3, and 5) and left a marriage that had been filled with domestic violence for over 6 years.   Having been once told that if I ever left and took the kids I would be killed, and having experienced the kind of abuse I had at the hands of the man who was s … [ Keep reading… ]

Meatloaf Muffins


My husband loves meatloaf.  I, on the other hand, am not a huge fan.  Something about slicing a pan of meat like bread just makes me lose my appetite.  But I think I might have found the perfect friend Beth's meatloaf (which is the best meatloaf we've ever had) with this idea to use muffin tins for meatloaf!   I even put some meatloaf in some mini muffin tins for the boys.  Big Brot … [ Keep reading… ]