30 for 30 Challenge: Day 2 (Water Balloon Fight)

We had lots of fun this evening with a good ol’ fashioned family water balloon fight! I’ve forgotten how much fun this can be! :)

Ready for a “fight” (sorry for the blurry picture)!


This picture makes me laugh…obviously. :)


Running away from Mommy!


Glad no one was behind me…yikes!


Running away from Big Brother!


 Little Brother enjoyed throwing the water balloons at the bricks more than anything!

We recently picked up one of these Balloon Pumpers from Walmart and it is perfect for making small water balloons that are easy enough to throw and not completely soak you when they break!

Plus, the kids can help pump the balloons up, which they love!

What did you and your child(ren) play today???


  1. We painted together. Huge pieces of paper and paint covered children (and maybe me…) was the highlight of my day.

  2. I stayed home because it was raining and I wasn’t taking the baby out but my 5 yr old went fishing with Daddy.

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