30 for 30 Challenge: Day 3 (Zingo)

It’s Day 3 of our 30 for 30 Challenge!

We had a hectic and crazy day today with church this morning, lunch with my family, helping host a baby shower at church, and small group at our house this evening. We managed to squeeze in our play time by delaying bedtime (which was worth every minute)!

The boys and I decided to play their favorite game:  Zingo! If you don’t own this game…you need to! It’s one of my absolute favorite ‘board’ games for kids!


I was especially excited because Little Brother really got into it and played with us the entire time (he normally lasts about half a game). We each won a game, which made everyone happy and gave the boys a great opportunity to show good sportsmanship (especially if they weren’t the one to win that particular game).

Overall, a great time was had by all! :)

What did you and your child(ren) play today???



  1. Today was a nice day. I did not involve our 16 year old today because she had plans, but that lead us to a new park. After dropping off my oldest me, my mom and 4 year old went strawberries picking and she kept us out there till we filled the bottom of the box, which was a little difficult with the slim picking there available. Then to dinner and 30 mins at a new playground. We don’t have many playgrounds near us, so we travel to nearby parks and find their playgrounds. It is fun for her to play on so many different playgrounds.

  2. I got off of my nice cool porch and did the slip & slide with my boys. I also got in their baby pool for the first time. They loved that I did it with them. Thanks for the challenge!

  3. We ran around the backyard with a ball, chased the dog, pushed a truck, picked tomatoes and zucchini from our veggie garden (he learned to say zucchini “keeni” – cute), and then colored on our giant outdoor chalkboard.

  4. ZINGO! That is exactly what my girlie and I did for 40 minutes yesterday after rest time. How funny! IT was also the moment that I decided I was going to commit to your 30 day challenge and really see how much time I spend just playing with my kiddo. Thanks for the challenge!

  5. My little girl and I just had a lovely tea party together! We talked about the weekend’s activities, served one another, and enjoyed “scones” (animal crackers) and tea (water). Fun time!

  6. Zingo is our favorite game with our three year old—do you have any other suggestions as we are just starting the game playing stage!

  7. I really want that game now! We love playing board games. Our favorite right now is the Spiderman and friends Yahtzee. Today we went to the park and played in the water fountains. We had water bombs and it was all the kids against me. Guess who lost? lol

  8. Greetings!
    I started this challenge late so today is our second day. Yesterday, we did your version of Angry Birds. KIDS LOVED IT!!!!! Love, love, LOVED IT! And I found myself looking forward to slamming the ball into the blocks!
    Tonight I turned off the news (BIG as I am a news junkie!) and we played FriendshipIisland. I had to move things along towards the end for baths and stories but it all ended well. I found the kids were much more cooperative and I was much more patient and enjoyed bedtime routines! YAY!
    Now I am looking forward to thinking of something for tomorrow!

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