30 for 30 Challenge: Day 27 (Playdough)

Today we pulled out the playdough and played together. Nothing fancy, just the plain old store-bought kind which, much to my surprise, hasn’t gotten old and crusty while in our pantry.

I frequently get the playdough out for the boys, but rarely do I join in the fun. It was so fun to watch their creativity and imagination take off while being fully available to them!




 Big Brother created a sidewalk. The golf tees are people walking on the circular sidewalk. :)


 Little Brother enjoyed using the tools, especially the rolling pin!

I made each of the boys’ names out of playdough snakes, which they thought was totally cool. We had a great time talking, laughing, and molding together!

What did you and your child(ren) play today???


  1. I love this series. So simple, but a good reminder – PLAY. they just want to play with us sometimes.

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