4th of July Apple-Stamped Windsock

Looking for an EASY 4th of July craft? Look no further! This SUPER SIMPLE project uses an apple core to stamp star shapes!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a piece of blue construction paper, the core of an apple, white paint, red and white crepe paper streamers, and a pipe cleaner (we used the metallic kind given to us by CraftProjectIdeas.com).


1. Give each child a strip of blue construction paper (I just cut one piece lengthwise). Cut your apple core in half or thirds, depending on how many children you have. Remove any seeds and make sure there are some definite indentions.


 2. Let your child dip the apple core into white paint. It should create a star-shape in the center of the circle.





 3. Let dry.


4. Cut some strips of red and white crepe paper streamers about 10-12 inches long.


 5. Glue them on the bottom of the piece of construction paper.



 6. Add a line of glue to one end of the piece of construction paper.



 7. Wrap it around, making a cylinder shape, and glue to the other side.



 8. Bend a pipe cleaner to make a handle and secure it on the blue construction paper with tape or by using a hole-punch to make a hole.




You just killed two birds with one stone:  having fun creating with your child(ren) and getting a festive 4th of July decoration! :)


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