A Lesson Learned: All of Me

I recently heard a song on KLOVE that has been totally captivating my thoughts. It’s called “All of Me” by Matt Hammitt:

(Can’t see the video? Go here.)

I heard the song and immediately had to download it. I related to the song immediately by wanting to give ‘all of me’ to God. But it wasn’t until later, when I heard the story behind the song, that it truly spoke to me. Go watch the video. It wouldn’t let me embed it, but you need to watch it (and have some Kleenexes ready).

Here is my favorite line from the song:

“So let me recklessly love you,
Even if I bleed.
You’re worth all of me. You’re worth all of me.”

If you watched the video, you’ll know that Matt and Sarah Hammitt have a baby boy named Bowen who was born with a severe heart defect. They found out about his heart defect while Sarah was pregnant. The prognosis was grim.

At this time, when life was unsure for their baby boy, was when Matt wrote the song “All of Me”.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed. Not the time we have with our children, not their health, not their salvation. Nothing, besides the fact that our Heavenly Father loves us enough to send his own son as a ransom for our sins.

Sometimes this realization as a parent is scary…terrifying, in fact. And at times it can cause us to withdraw out of fear of what could  happen. I could never survive if _________.

But the fact of the matter is this:  Our children are worth all of us.

I had a conversation with one of my heroes this week. I’ve known her all my life. She and her husband cared for their great-grandchildren, both with special needs who were taken from terrible circumstances, for the past year and a half. The children were recently adopted by a family with four other children who live in another state. In talking to her this week, she said, “I can’t think of a better way to have used up my body than taking care of those children.” 

Wow. I’ve been thinking about my conversation with her in retrospect with this song all week. In the moments that I’m exhausted and frustrated , those words put things in perspective. Part of “recklessly loving” our children is surrendering ourselves…giving up our desires and even our needs to love them. Not spoil them solely for the purpose of making them feel like the center of the universe, but to show them the love of Christ. To show them that their relationship with God, and that relationship overflowing with love into their relationships with others, are the only things that really matter in this life.

We are not guaranteed the next hour with our children. We are not guaranteed that they will love us or want to spend time with us when they older. We are not guaranteed that they will have a relationship with our Savior, despite our best efforts.

But that doesn’t matter.

Let us recklessly love them.

They’re worth all of us.


  1. This is by far one of my favorite blog post that I have seen lately. We listen to KLove all of the time and I always feel God is talking to us through all of the songs. You’ve made a great point with the song (which I love the song), my daughter from day 1 has always been worth every part of my being. She is my soul and I give her all of me and everything the best I can because she deserves it. All children deserve to be loved and to have people who are passionate about them in their lives. Thanks for sharing this post. {{Big Hugs}}

    PS Great reminder during Christmas season, because this is what the season is about. It’s always about living to do God’s work.

  2. Beautiful post! It made me think about how I first started down this road of home schooling and how I kept thinking, “But it would be so much easier to just send them to school.” Maybe. But sometimes what’s easiest isn’t best. :)

  3. Our oldest daughter Heather passed away when she was three! Although it has been hard (and still is!) I would go through it again she was truly a blessing!

    “I’ll lend you for a little time
    A child of Mine,” He said.
    “For you to love the while she lives,
    And mourn for when she’s dead.
    It may be six or seven years
    Or twenty-two or three,
    But will you, till I call her back
    Take care of her for Me?
    She’ll bring her charms to gladden you,
    And should her stay be brief,
    You’ll have her lovely memories
    As solace for your grief.
    I cannot promise she will stay,
    Since all from Earth return,
    But there are lessons taught down there
    I want this child to learn.
    I’ve looked this wide world over
    In My search for teachers true,
    And from the throngs that crowd life’s lanes,
    I have selected you;
    Now will you give her all your love,
    Nor think the labour vain,
    Nor hate Me when I come to call
    And take her back again ?
    I fancied that I heard them say,
    “Dear Lord, Thy will be done,
    For all the joy Thy child shall bring,
    For the risk of grief we’ll run.
    We’ll shelter her with tenderness,
    We’ll love her while we may,
    And for the happiness we’ve known,
    Forever grateful stay.
    But should the angels call for her
    Much sooner then we planned,
    We’ll brave the bitter grief that comes
    And try to understand.
    Edgar Guest

  4. I was so excited when I read this post! My daughter has a very similar heart condition as Bowen. Matter of fact, it is one year ago tomorrow that we first learned our baby would be born with a very special heart. AND, today, we went in for our post-op appointment with our cardiologist. Madison successfully made it through her second surgery 4 weeks ago! My favorite lyric is when he says “you are worth every falling tear”. I have shed many tears this year… I have also witnessed the most incredible miracles. You can read about Madison’s journey at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/gandyfamily .

    The entire CD is fantastic! I highly recommend it for Christmas gifts. Part of the proceeds goes to the Whole Hearts Foundation that they started to help other heart families.


  5. Thank you for sharing this! I enjoy reading your posts–they parallel my thoughts in so many ways. If we lived in the same city, I bet we’d be great friends :-) Thank you for openly sharing your convictions and heart for Christ and what He has called you to do.


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