A Lesson Learned: Simplicity

We ventured out on Friday night, sick kids and all. Two weeks of being quarantined from the rest of the world was taking its toll on everyone. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Outback (our favorite restaurant) and then went to Barnes & Noble. Santa happened to be there and Big Brother was thrilled. He actually gave him a hug…which is a BIG change from the last two years.

Santa asked him what he wanted him to bring him and Big Brother responded with the same answer he has given us that last several weeks…cookies. 

Yep, that’s it. He isn’t quite old enough to get into the whole materialism thing. He just thinks, “Hey, if I’m going to leave some cookies for Santa…I want some too.”

I, on the other hand, feel like we need to get them something big(ger). It’s Christmas, after all! But I think even if Big Brother got something bigger and better for Christmas, he would really be dissapointed that he didn’t get cookies.

How I yearn for simplicity once again…to be content and just enjoy the little things in life. 

We did get both boys some other things (socks, sippy cups, their favorite treats, etc) to put in their stockings as well as a few small gifts that were great deals on Amazon. But overall, it will be a very simple Christmas…

Perhaps we all need a little bit more simplicity in our lives…I recently saw an Angel tree that was especially for teenagers. I took a few minutes to just glance at their “wish lists” and was astonished to see Coach purses, diamond earrings, and iPod Nanos. Yikes.


  1. Amen to this one! My 3-year-old needed a new toothbrush a couple months ago and I let her pick it out. She was so excited she talked about it for a week and even took it to bed with her! I put stickers, bubbles, and coloring books on her Christmas list this year. She has enough toys!

  2. So true!! Our friends were appalled when we requested no presents at our son's first birthday in Nov. and they think we're nuts that we're not buying him Christmas gifts this year. His favorite things to play with are bendy straws! :o) We just want to encourage his love for simple things as long as we can!

  3. We're going very simple on Christmas this year too! Things we probably would have bought at some point: a few books, pjs, oreo cookies (we don't ever buy!), and a stocking with tick tacks and chap stick.

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