Advent Boxes

These meaningful Advent Boxes are perfect for families wishing to reflect on the the goodness of God, the blessing of Jesus, and the responsibility that we as Christians have to live in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.  

Advent Boxes


Last year I made several of these Advent Boxes to give to friends and family. Our family loved opening these tiny little gifts each night and it helped us to reflect on the true reason for the season…Christ!

Because I was making twelve at once, they took a lot of time and effort. I didn’t share the idea in time for my readers to use last year because I literally finished and delivered them on November 30th!



There is a box for each day in the month of December (up to Christmas Day). Each box holds a small item and a scripture (or Biblical principal) to go along with each day.


>>>Download the Advent Boxes Printable here.<<<

We typically open our boxes right after eating dinner together as a family. We let the boys take turns each night opening it and then we read our scripture (or story) together. After we’re finished (and the boys have had their fill of handling their ‘present’), the trinkets get tucked neatly back into their box until the next year!


Most of the trinkets were bought at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. If you aren’t able to find the item for that particular day, you can always print a picture of the corresponding item. Our boys loved getting to have something tangible to hold and feel while we were reading the scripture or Biblical thought for the day.



Download the Advent Box Labels here.  I used Avery return address mailing labels (30 per page) and then cut them in half.



If you’re wondering about the contents of each day…




Here are a few more details….

  • The small silver boxes are from here. They were the cheapest I could find, but come in sets of 100. 
  • The bows are elastic ribbon cut to 12″ strips and tied around the boxes. 
  • The large decorative boxes that hold all of the smaller boxes were purchased at Dollar General.



  1. I love the idea for this, but I think I will re purpose toilet paper rolls to be the little gift boxes. The items look like they would be able to fit in there without a problem. What was 20? I just see a big smiley face.

  2. Nevermind about 20. That is what happens when I try to get a jump on the day before finishing coffee and my child wakes up. I am usually a little observant, lol.

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