Apple Art with Washi Tape

Apple Art with Washi Tape

It’s back to school and nearly apple-picking time…the perfect time for some apple art with washi tape. My favorite apple art project is a tad bit messier than this more simple and sophisticated project…but children can participate in creating both!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Apple Printable

2 Pieces of Cardstock Paper

Red Washi Tape in a variety of patterns


Glue stick


Apple Art with Washi Tape

1. Print out the apple printable on one piece of cardstock and then carefully cut only the inside of the apple out (everything that is red). The easiest way is to fold the paper slightly (without leaving a crease) and then snip the inside. Once you’ve made a cut in the center, make your way around the edges until it is all cut out.




2. Flip over the paper with the apple cut out and use a pencil to trace the outline onto the second sheet of cardstock paper.




It’s ready for some washi!


Apple Art with Washi Tape

3. Have your child cover the apple outline with red washi tape in a variety of patterns.






All done with the tape!


Washi Tape Apple Art

4. Lay the paper with the apple hole on top of the paper with washi tape and secure together with a glue stick.


Apple Art with Washi Tape

5. Cut to fit your frame. Enjoy this apple art in your home or give it to your favorite teacher!



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