Apple *Star* Stamping

I was really bummed that the “stars” in the center of the apples didn’t show up in our prints, but maybe it will work for you. I’m sure everyone has seen this idea before…but I couldn’t do an apple unit and not share apple stamping!

Here’s what you’ll need:  an apple, a knife, and various colors of paint, and construction paper.

1. Cut your apples in half (from top to bottom). Obviously, since you will using a knife, don’t let your child help you with this step. :)

Did you know there was a star in the center of the apple?

2. Set out your paints and let your little one dip the apples in the paint and then “stamp” on the paper. Warning:  this can get messy!

And in case you’re wondering, Big Brother does own more than just this yellow shirt. It is his favorite, however, and insists on wearing it whenever it is clean. My sister brought it back for him from Nhowe Mission in Zimbabwe this past May and it is about 5 sizes too big. Oh well…at least he enjoys picking out his clothes!


  1. I work in SpEd Preschool and we did 10 apple stamps and put them on a picture of the child after reading 10 apples up on top. The kids loved it!

  2. It works much better if you trim the sides. Once you've cut the apple in half, trim the sites so the core is left as a square, you'll get the star print that way.

  3. My daughter did this at school and it was one of my favorite projects she has brought home! I never knew there was a star in the middle of an apple!

  4. I did this with my kids as a Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) Card, and during that time the 3 year old teacher I was working with also did the apple theme, and she read a book about the star in the apple. I don’t remember the name of the book but it was so nice and the kids loved that the little apple tree found out he was just as special as the stars in the sky. She did apple mosaic, with torn up pieces of paper, and then she made an apple shape sun catcher, and she made apple cookies oh and the class went apple picking. Lots of wonderful activities to do with children on this subject. “10 apples on top is a great book”.

  5. You can also make clover stamps with bell peppers and there’s something else you can make stamps with from cutting potatoes :) We have it listed for our curriculum this year.

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