Apple Toss

I thought our apple theme was coming to a close, but then I remembered that I hadn’t done a gross-motor activity in this unit yet…

This activity will require a lot of creativity and imagination. This isn’t a bad thing…kids need to be encouraged in “pretend play.”

Here’s what you’ll need:  beanbags (I just used the beanbags I made for the Stoplight Beanbag Toss and told Big Brother to pretend they were apples) and a basket.

I told Big Brother we were going to pretend to go to the apple orchard. I was the apple tree and he needed to pick the apples off of me. I stood with my arms straight out, dangling the beanbags so that it was a stretch for him to “pick” them. Obviously, I couldn’t get a picture of this (though I’m sure it would have been humorous). :) 

After he picked all the apples, he threw them in the basket. First, we started really close to the basket…

And then moved about 4-5 feet away.
And then the sweetest thing happened. Little Brother was patiently sitting in his high-chair, eating cheerios, when Big Brother suddenly wanted Little Brother to have a turn at throwing the beanbags (all of his own volition)!!! He took the beanbags and basket to him and everything. :)
Every good Apple Farmer needs an Apple Farmer hat…and a goofy, fake smile apparently too.


  1. I just found your website, and can not wait to try you lessons with my son, as well as the other children I watch during the day! You have so many wonderful ideas! Thanks a ton!

  2. Stumbled upon your site today and I was immediately smitten. You have created such a wonderful website with so much to help parents and caregivers. I plan to put many of your ideas to good use and will be coming back often. Thank you for all you do and for creating such a great resource.

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