Olympic Ring Toss

With a little imagination, simple diving rings can be transformed into an Olympic event!

Here’s what you’ll need:  diving rings; a 2-liter bottle filled with water, sand, or any other liquid (I used one filled with oil and water from our “Make Your Own Lava Lamp” post); and masking tape.

*Even if you don’t have diving rings, you can make some rings for your very own ring toss event out of cardboard or pool noodles cut up and duct taped into a ring shape!

 1. Use a piece of tape to mark the “tossing line” on the floor.


2. Let your child begin attempting to toss the rings onto the neck of the bottle.




You may need to adjust the “tossing line” depending on the age of your child.




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  1. What kind of diving rings did you use, and how big are they? We are trying to make a ring toss game for small kids. I had thought of the diving ring idea, but everything I find is weighted on one side so they stand upright in water, and it seems like those would be hard for kids to throw in a ring toss game.

  2. im trying to find ti instructions on how to build the olympic ring toss can you email me the instructions please.

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