Olympic Activities and Crafts for Kids

The Ultimate List of Olympic Crafts and Activities for Kids


The 2014 Winter Olympics will be here in a few short weeks! In August of 2012, I created a free printable Olympic eBook (that is still available). This time around, I decided to compile the Ultimate List of Olympic Activities and Crafts for Kids into a post.

I have a few more Olympic ideas that I hope to share over the next few weeks, which I will be adding to the post.


Summer Olympic Events Alphabet Coloring Book:

Summer Olympic Events Alphabet Coloring Book

Download the Summer Olympic Events Alphabet Coloring Book here.



Olympic Crafts


Olympic Torch Craft



O is for Olympics

O is for Olympics Craft




Baking Soda Modeling Clay Olympic Medals




Olympic Ring Printing with Pool Noodles


Olympic Olive Wreath Craft





Olympic Flag Craft



Olympic Ring Bracelets

Olympic Ring Bangle Bracelets



Olympic Activities

Fizzy Olympic Rings

Fizzy  Olympic Rings




Olympic Ring Toss



Olympic Rings Ball Toss

Olympic Rings Ball Toss



Balloon Badminton

Balloon Badminton



Olympic Hurdle Race

Olympic Hurdle Race



Olympic Javelin Throw

Olympic Javelin Throw


toddler golf

DIY Toddler Golf Clubs and Putting Green 








Olympic Ice Skating with small toys Miniature Olympic Ice Skating Rink for Small Toys




Indoor Ice Skating

Indoor “Ice Skating” 




Olympic Ski Matching

Olympic Ski Matching




Olympic Snacks


Olympic Cookies





Olympic Ring Pretzels




Finally, check out some great Children’s Books about the Olympics:  




 What is your favorite Olympic activity for kids?



  1. We made your olympic ring pretzels (and the torches too!) during the last summer olympics. I just have to say they were so yummy and were such a fun addition to our olympic game festivities. Can’t wait to do it again!

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