Olympic Ice Skating for Toys

Olympic Ice Skating with small toys


Two years ago, we had an awesome time celebrating the Summer Olympics. We had all sorts of fun and I even offered a FREE Olympic eBook with several activities, crafts, and snacks (which you can still get for free, by the way). This year the Olympics will come at a time when we will most likely have a newborn in our house, so I’m not sure how many activities we will do as I will most definitely be exhausted and sleep-deprived. :)  We’re starting a little early, just to make sure we get in some Olympic fun! This fun Olympic Ice Skating activity was inspired by Silly Eagle Books.



 1. Print off the Olympic logo onto a letter-size piece of paper and then laminate it (so the ink doesn’t run when it gets wet). You could also make Olympic rings on a piece of paper with crayons.




2. Lay the laminated logo in the bottom of a pan and fill halfway with water. The laminated paper will most likely float to the top. It’s okay if it does, just follow the instructions in the next step.





3. Put in the freezer until the entire pan is frozen solid. Your laminated logo will most likely be frozen at the very top. Take it out and add more water until the paper is completely covered with water. Freeze again until completely solid.




It’s ready to go!







 4. Grab some small toys and let your children have fun “ice skating” on the Olympic rink.




 What could be better than Angry Birds and Star Wars characters ice skating?






Oops…Han Solo took a dive on the ice. He’ll surely get judged poorly for that one! :)



  1. This is such a fun and simple idea! Will be doing this immediately this week to start counting down to the Olympics. Did you see the video Amanda and I did this week sharing other ideas for Olympic Activities? I’m getting so excited. Thanks for sharing Jenae!

  2. I love this idea! I have been trying to think of some ideas for the Winter Olympics so we could have a party and this will definitely be on the list!

  3. How did you get your paper to stay at the bottom of the pan? We tried it an mine kept floating to the top. I taped it down but the tape wouldn’t hold. I went ahead and put it in the freezer and it bubbled so much that you couldn’t see a single thing on the paper. Thoughts?

    1. I had a similar problem, which I should probably go back and include in the post. I filled the pan half-way then froze it. The paper floated to the top, but I kept it in the freezer until the whole thing was frozen solid. Then I added a little more water on top of that and froze it again. So sorry I didn’t address this in the post (yet). :)

  4. This is awesome!! My kids are loving this idea. The only thing my six yr old didn’t like about this post was calling obi wan ‘han solo’. Lol. He corrects me at least twice a day. Lol.

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