Olympic Torch Craft


I love the tradition of the Olympic Torch! Did you know that you can watch the torch relay LIVE? Just go here!

After watching the video, you and your child(ren) can make your very own torch!

Here’s What You’ll Need:  a Paper Towel Roll, a gluestick, aluminum foil, stapler, and tissue paper (red, yellow, and orange).



 1. Fold the bottom inch or two of the paper towel roll up and staple.


 2. Spread glue on one side of the paper towel roll. Gently set that on a piece of foil. Continue covering the rest of the paper towel roll with glue.


 3. Gently cover the paper towel roll with the foil.


 4. Carefully push any remaining foil at the top into the hole.


 5. Lay out your pieces of tissue paper on the counter.


6. Gather in the center and twist.


 7. Place the tissue paper inside the paper towel roll.


 Let your child begin running with the torch!


Big Brother looks very determined in this photo…just like a true Olympian! :)



History of the Torch:  

Several months before the opening of the Olympics, the flame is ignited in Olympia, Greece (the birthplace of the Ancient Olympics). Using a special mirror, the flame is kindled by the light of the sun in a ceremony. Runners (and other athletes) carry the flame to various locations. The Olympic Torch Relay ends at the Opening of the Games event.


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  1. We did this last night right before the opening ceremony with the kids in our small group bible study. Everybody loved it. Thanks Janae.

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