Balloon Badminton

Balloons are always a hit with kids. Add some paper-plate rackets and it transforms a simple balloon into an Olympic sport!

Here’s what you’ll need for 2 “Rackets”:  2 paper plates, packing tape, and 4 jumbo craft sticks (which we were sent compliments of

1. Tape one end of the craft stick onto the center of the paper plate.


 2. If you want to make the handle longer, just add another craft stick and secure to the existing craft stick with some packing tape.



The boys had fun, but they preferred to hit the balloon with their hand rather than the racket. Go figure!





A true Olympic pose. :)



As always, please use extreme caution with young children and balloons. Do NOT leave them unattended while playing this game.


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  1. Jenae,

    After reading this post, we played this game. My 3 and 4 year olds played it for about an hour–telling me the whole time how much they loved it. We did it again when Daddy got home…they played so hard they were sweaty inside!!! Thanks for all your ingenious ideas. We love them here at this house.

  2. We had watched volleyball the day before so we improvised on your idea and played a little balloon volleyball. The kids loved it!

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