Alphabet Balloon Touch

This was a super-simple activity intended to help Little Brother learn his letters using his strongest area of development, gross motor development. Our Alphabet Balloon Touch game didn’t last long, but it was a great way to practice recognizing these few letters while keeping the attention of Little Brother.

Here’s what you’ll need:  a balloon and a Sharpie marker.


1. Write the letters on all sides of the balloon. I chose to do the letters A and B only to make it a little simpler.


2. Show your child the letters and say their names.


3. Toss the balloon back and forth, saying the letter name that your hand touches on the balloon.




Once your child gets tired of using their hands, start kicking the balloon and saying the letters your foot hits. :)


  1. Hey – I found this through PInterest and gave it a try with my 3 year old this afternoon. We did the letters of her name – she already knows the first one – so thought we’d also try the others. They were a bit much all at once (5) I think – so we ended up just kicking them around. But I figure they’ll stay out, so maybe she’ll pick up on some of the other letters with repetition over the next little bit. Thanks for the idea!

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