Alphabet Hop and Pop

Alphabet Hop & Pop


This post was inspired by some packaging material that came in one of the many boxes from Amazon that has arrived on our doorstep in the last few weeks. I have done probably way too much online shopping on bed rest than I should be doing. :) Nevertheless, this particular air-bubble packaging came with 27 sections…making it perfect to do our very own Alphabet Hop and Pop!


Here’s what you’ll need:  Large air pocket packaging and some alphabet stickers. Yep, that’s it!



We love these stickers!




 1. Plop an alphabet (or number) sticker on each section of the air pocket packaging.







 2. Lay it out for your little one.




 3. And let him/her get started hopping and popping!



 Warning:  it gets pretty loud!








 Within 2 minutes, all letters had been popped!



How do you repurpose packing material at your house???


  1. Just got some of this in the mail tonight and will have it ready to go for my girl in the morning! :) Thanks!

  2. Wow what a fantastic game for my 4-year old. I separated the bags and made this an upper-lower case matching game, putting upper case letters on the bag and writing lower case letters on pieces of paper that I tore up and put into an old coffee can. She chose a letter from the can and matched it on the bag. The very loud pop was her reward for a correct match:) So much fun. I plan to do this with my 2-year old but modified for the few letters we do each week. Great and highly inventive game!

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