Back to School Date Tradition

Back to School Date

Do you have any back to school traditions?

My mom used to take each of us to go shopping and eat lunch before school started every year. There were five of us, so having one-on-one time with my mom was pretty rare. This is such a fond memory for me.

I decided to continue the tradition with Big Brother!

We started off our day with donuts and Sonic. We then went shopping for school supplies at Walmart and then took a trip to Barnes & Noble. I had planned to buy a “school” book, but Big Brother really wanted this Star Wars Phonics set. I am normally not a fan of “character books” (as I explain in my eBook), but an occasional exception is warranted. I am so glad I conceded…I have never seen Big Brother so excited to read! He has already read all the books in the set and was so excited to read them aloud as we listened to him as a family. A surge of excitement about reading is definitely worth me throwing out one of my book-buying “rules” (this time, anyway).

After our Barnes & Noble visit, we went to the eating establishment of his choice. It was an unseasonably beautiful August day, so we ate on the patio and “talked”. Afterwards, we picked up Little Brother and headed home. It was wonderful to have some one-on-one time with my big boy. I need to make it a priority to do that more often!


What is your favorite back-to-school tradition?


  1. what a fun tradition!!!! I try this year to start our year with taking a picture with the girls holding a their grade and do the same at the end of the school year to see how much they have grown! and also we bought some new school supplies too :-)

  2. I’m SO not a fan of character books, but that is all my 4 year old son likes…..better that than no books at all, I guess.

    We don’t have a tradition, but maybe we should start one!

  3. We hit the pre-school term sales and re-arrange our home school and plan our projects. It makes it feel like there is a beginning and an end to our educational year. I declared this August a month off. We managed a week at nannys’ house before they came looking for some learning. Which is fantastic but a break would be nice for one of us!

  4. Our tradition was always to wake up our kids “early ‘the day before school” and take them out for breakfast so that getting up early was exciting and it got them back into a routine one day early.

  5. What a fun idea! I love it when the school year rolls around…I fondly remember back-to-school shopping with my mom too. Something about a new year, new teacher, new friends, it’s all so exciting! I think I’m definitely going to steal your idea for the one-on-one school shopping trip!

  6. Ever since my daughter was 4 and we shared the book “Franklin Stays Up”, we allow her to try to stay up all night 1 time each summer before school starts. Sometimes we just stay around the house, but sometimes we venture out to 24 hour places like WalMart, Steak and Shake, etc… Once the sun comes up, we get donuts and chocolate milk and sleep nearly the whole next day. She Is 8 this year, and has made it 3 of the 4 years.

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