Frozen-inspired End Of School Celebration

End of School Celebration inspired by Olaf


Celebrate the end of school with this Frozen-inspired celebration (featuring Olaf)

School is nearly over! Although I am a little nervous about keeping the boys occupied all summer (especially having an infant), I am SO EXCITED for stress-free mornings. :)  Our boys are currently obsessed with Olaf from Frozen and they have memorized the entire song “In Summer” from the Frozen soundtrack. What better way to kick off Summer than to have this Frozen-inspired End of School Celebration featuring Olaf, who loves summer as much as anyone?!?! :)


I created this printable “In Summer” banner for you to use for your own End of School/Beginning of Summer Celebration! You can print the banner here. We also put up some Olaf Wall Clings and I used some pre-cut foam snowflakes I bought a long time ago. The boys were super excited about our little celebration and I had fun combining the summer and winter together in such a cool way (no pun intended)!




Here is our little window sill with our Olaf-inspired snacks



 We used powdered donuts for our “impaled” snowmen. This is one of my favorite lines from the movie. :)



These “sand treats” are just vanilla pudding layered with food-processed Oreos.




 “Kristoff’s Ice” is Blue Raspberry Jello in ice cube trays. *Tip*:  Soak the bottom of the ice cube trays in very warm water for 1-2 minutes to get them to pop out easily.







Blue Gatorade for Olaf’s drink!



 Print your “In Summer” banner here!



The boys definitely enjoyed drinking their ice cold Gatorade with an umbrella straw. :)





Once we had our treats and listened to the “In Summer” song, we just had to watch Frozen (again). :)



I’m thinking this might be our End of School tradition from now on. :)  What is your family’s favorite way to welcome summer?!?!






  1. I love all the cute movie to party connections! You’ve definitely inspired us to have a little “In Summer” party. :-)

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