Frozen-inspired Painting

Frozen-inspired painting


Brrrrrr…it’s cold outside! Little Brother and I spent our first frosty morning of the season with this Frozen-inspired painting activity. I absolutely love using corn syrup as paint because it dries shiny (we have made a fishbowl inspired by One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and a rainbow using corn syrup as well). This time we added glitter for a whole new sparkly effect!


Here’s what you’ll need:  a paintbrush, washi tape, a piece of cardstock, corn syrup, food coloring and glitter!



 1. Mix the corn syrup with a few drops of food coloring and some glitter for your “paint”.





2. Place the washi tape on the piece of cardstock to make your child’s name (or another design).




3. Paint all over with the corn syrup paint! (FYI:  If the corn syrup is super-thick, it will take quite a while to dry…so encourage your little one to spread it on pretty thin!)



 4. Let it dry completely and then remove the tape!




 It glitters and shines in the light!




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