Bible-Based Sensory Tub: Moses, the Plagues & and the Red Sea




We had some sensory fun exploring one of the Old Testament Bible stories this morning using some colored rice and random “props” to represent the ten plagues. Thanks to our Jesus Storybook Bible on CD (our absolute favorite Bible for kids), the boys could listen to the story and play at the same time!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a bag of rice, rubbing alcohol, food coloring, and random props as shown in the pictures above.





1. Put the rice in a large bowl and add several drops of blue food coloring. Add a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol at a time, adding more as needed to make sure all the rice is covered.



2. Mix together.



3. You can either lay the rice out to dry in a very thin layer, or you can line a baking pan with foil and put your oven on the absolute lowest that it will go. Depending on how much rice you have, it will take 1-2 hours. You must watch the rice carefully while it is in the oven…don’t leave the house or forget to check up on it for long stretches of time.



4. Take it out, stir, and let it sit overnight.

Now…it’s time to add the props and let your kids go to town! But first…turn on the Bible story for your kids to listen to while they’re playing! We used the Jesus Storybook Bible Audio CDs.

The parting of the Red Sea (and the cotton balls pulling double-duty as the cloud that moved ahead of the Israelites)

Here’s a list of the props we used for the Plagues (in no particular order):

-Gnats:  Plastic bugs
-Water to Blood:  Piece of paper towel with a drop of red food coloring on it
-Frog:  Stuffed Frog
-Diseased Livestock:  Two Cows from our Little People Farm
-Boils/Leprosy:  A bandaid
-Darkness:  A flashlight
-Hail and Thunderstorms:  Cotton balls for hail and/or clouds
-Flies:  Plastic Bugs
-Locusts:  Plastic Bugs

I obviously didn’t include a “prop” for the final plague. :(

Yep, rice did go everywhere! But that’s what a dust pan is for, right? :)


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