Birthday Numeral Photo Collage

Make a fun birthday collage for a child or adult of any age using just a few materials:  foam board, black and white photos (from birth through current age), and Mod Podge!

Prince Charming recently turned the Big 3-0. We had a family party for him at my parent’s house and I wanted to do something extra special for the decorations. This was the perfect opportunity to add a personalized touch to what was otherwise a very low-key party. :)


 1. Trace each numerals onto a piece of foam board and cut out using an Xacto knife or sharp scissors.


Not perfect…but good enough!


 2. Paint the outside edges of the foam board with a coordinating color of acrylic paint. Let dry.





3. Once the paint is dry, start adding your black-and-white photos (in ascending order) by coating the back of the photos with Mod Podge (I used glossy) and placing them on the numerals.


4. Add another layer of Mod Podge over all of the photos once they are in place and let dry.


All done! Wasn’t he a cutie?!?!


More current photos!




 We used some large easels my mom already had to put them on the serving table.




 Two little helpers were eager to hold each number to take a picture!

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