Clothespin Capital & Lowercase Matching Activity

This was a super-easy activity for Big Brother that combined fine motor skills and alphabet recognition. I was pleasantly surprised how much Big Brother took to this activity…he really enjoyed it and needed very little assistance.

I just reused the alphabet strips that I had made for the Valentines Day Capital and Lowercase Matching

…and then wrote the lowercase letters on one side of each of the clothespins.

Let your little one get to work by matching the clothespins to their corresponding capital counterpart.


Bask in a job well done!


  1. I love this. We are just starting to work on recognizing letters and I will definitely use this. I can’t wait to see the Veggie Tales movie. I watched as a child and enjoy sharing them with my daughter.

  2. Love your website and all the amazing ideas! Would also love to own a Veggie Tales movie. I love that the are filled with good messages!

  3. Oh this is awesome. I was just looking at a package of clothespins in the linen closet and wondering what I could do with them. This is perfect!!

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