Capital & Lowercase Letter Stamping

Capital & Lowercase Letter Stamping

This Capital & Lowercase Letter Stamping  idea was inspired by two things I found (that I had forgotten about) as I was purging organizing after Christmas. Little Brother and I did this activity a while ago, but I am just now getting around to sharing it.

The concept is simple–let your child use the lowercase alphabet stamps to stamp on the capital letters. If you don’t have the letter sticky notes, you could easily do this by cutting out letters of the alphabet from construction paper. I chose to only do the letters of Little Brother’s name.

Here’s what you’ll need:  Quick Letter Pads (I found ours at Target a while ago), an ink pad, and some foam alphabet stamps (which we received compliments of



 1. Lay out all the materials and show your child how to hold the lowercase letter so that it stamps right-side up.




2. Let him/her get busy!




 Keep going until you fill the capital letter up! Not only was this great for letter recognition, it also was beneficial for developing fine motor control.






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