Alphabet Sort & Match

Alphabet Sort & Match


This Alphabet Sort and Match activity is so simple. It is great for reinforcing capital and lowercase letter recognition and even great for fine motor control (picking up the small beads–to make it even more difficult, you could have your child use tongs).


Here’s what you’ll need:  Alphabet Beads, a permanent marker, and some sort of divided container. I used the empty trays from frozen mini quiches that I baked for a baby shower, but you could also use a few egg cartons.




1. Write a lowercase letter in each part of your divided container.





2. Lay out the alphabet beads.




3. Let your child(ren) get started choosing the bead, identifying the letter, and matching it to the lowercase letter in the container.









Little Brother needed some extra assistance, but stuck with it longer than I expected!







Doesn’t get much easier than that! Check out our other alphabet activities and our Alphabet Pinterest board.

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