The Cord Blood Collection Process with ViaCord

Disclosure:  This post is written by me. All opinions are 100% mine. In reviewing ViaCord’s cord blood banking service, I received a promotional discount.

What to expect when collecting cord blood from ViaCord


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Once we made the decision to bank our daughter’s cord blood and then chose to use ViaCord to do it, we quickly received our cord blood collection kit in the mail.





As we were instructed, we packed the collection kit into my hospital bag so that it was ready to go when I went into labor. Besides a small amount of paperwork we sent off ahead of time, there was absolutely nothing we needed to do up until the day our baby made her big arrival.


Thankfully, it was all packed and ready to go…because I might have forgotten it when we went to the hospital at 3:30 in the morning!


Once we arrived at the hospital, I informed my labor and delivery nurse that we would be collecting our baby’s cord blood and that they would need to get a small blood sample from me as well. My husband gave her the kit and she (and the doctor) did the rest.


Baby Girl came fast. To be completely honest, I didn’t pay any attention when the doctor collected the cord blood. How in the world could I divert my eyes away from this precious face?!?!


IMG_5832 - Version 2


Once the doctor was finished, the hospital staff packaged everything up and sealed the box.


About half an hour after our baby was born (once things settled down a bit), my husband called ViaCord and they sent a courier who arrived within the next hour. The courier then took the collection kit to the airport and sent it off to ViaCord.


We received notification that the collection kit arrived at ViaCord’s facilities the following day. A few weeks later, we received a certificate from ViaCord verifying that the cord blood was being safely stored!


The process was seamless and not scary at all! Honestly, I’m not sure how they could have made it any easier. :)



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