Spielgaben Product Review

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Spielgaben  Smarter Play, Smarter Child

Spielgaben, a company that originated in Australia, will soon be making its way to the US! The name of this product could easily be called “the best set of manipulatives ever created”. I use the word “manipulatives” instead of “toy” because it is more than just a toy and can easily be transformed into about a thousand different mini-lessons on color recognition, sizing, ordering, geometry, and fractions…just to name a few. Or it can simply be used as several diffferent open-ended toys all while letting your child’s creativity come to life!

When the package first arrived, the boys first had some free play with all of the contents of the package. Honestly, they played uninterrupted for over an hour! Spielgaben is the perfect open-ended product for preschoolers and elementary students (make sure you keep it away from kids younger than three, though, because a lot of the pieces are pretty tiny).











That is a house on the top left with a sidewalk to Grandma’s house. :)


Although this product is wonderful for unstructured play, it is also great for more structured activities as well. Here are just a few of the ways that we have utilized this amazing set…


One of Little Brother’s favorites was the box of wooden beads. He used fine motor skills to place the beads on the shoestring all while creating patterns with the beads.

Lacing & Patterning



With the tiny wooden circles, we used them to form the letters of the boys names (which involved using precise fine motor control). We also made groups of ten beads (and put them inside the larger circles) and then counted by tens.

Making Letters & Groups of Ten



We used the rods and various sizes of circles to order according to size, make parts of a whole, and create designs!

Ordering, Halves of a Whole, and Designs



When I brought out the pattern blocks, Big Brother immediately began creating “ice cream cones” using the triangles and half-circles. We also created a chain reaction by

Chain Reactions and Ice Cream Cones



Here are a few other manipulatives included in the set:



These blocks are a great way to introduce fractions!




These 3-dimensional shapes are lots of fun…




…especially when you make them into a pendulum!




Finally, these crocheted balls are excellent for teaching color recognition. Each ball has a strap that creates even more possibilities!




Overall, this set is an amazing product for parents and teachers of preschool and elementary children. Not only does it offer hours of free and unstructured play, Spielgaben also has the potential to be used for invaluable lessons on an assortment of cognitive development and mathematic



Spielgaben has been extremely popular in Australia and will soon be available in the US with a new and improved version! To find out how you can be one of the first to own this new and improved version of the Spielgaben set with a big discount, go here and click on “Register Your Interest” in the yellow box.


Also, be sure to “like” Spielgaben on Facebook to keep up with the latest!


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    1. Hi Kellie
      I am Jim from Spielgaben and you can get early bird special deal that is available to limited number of people. All you need to do is go to http://www.spielgaben.com and Register Your Interest. Then you are in… Thank you for your interest in Spielgaben, Kellie.

  1. They are Froebel’s gifts. If you’re not familiar with Froebel (the “inventor” of kindergarten), you’ll love it. I like the philosophy behind the gifts (what you call maniplatives), how they’re structured to go from unity to fractions, from 3 dimensions to 1(the line and the dots). It combines geometry with art. I bought the materials for my daughter and I’m reading about it. I’m really fascinated.
    He inspired people such as Maria Montesori or the architect Frank LLoyd Wright.

  2. I’ve been looking for something like this – how amazing! How do I buy this set? I’ve registered my interest and haven’t heard anything yet?

  3. I love the different ways that you guys have shown spielgaben in play. I especially love the use of the miniature circles to spell their names and to make groups of 10. Lovely review :)

  4. We love our set as well!

    On another note, can I ask where you bought that beautiful wool braided rug? We are moving soon and would love to find one like it for our new home.
    Thank you

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