Counting Sun Spots Busy Bag

Counting Sun Spots Busy Bag


We combined a busy bag idea and a little learning about outer space into this fun activity. The child will count the sun spots on the sun and match them to the corresponding numeral found on the clothespin sun rays. This counting sun spots busy bag is great for number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.


>>>Print off the free counting sun spots printable here. <<<


Here’s what you’ll need:  10 clothespins, yellow paint, paintbrush, black permanent marker, and this Counting Sun Spots printable.






 1. Paint one side of the clothespin yellow and let dry. After completely dry, paint on the other side if you choose.






 2. Write numerals 1-10 on each clothespin with your permanent marker. Notice we are missing #10…I have no idea where it is and didn’t want to delay the post just because we were missing a clothespin. :)  Print and laminate the sun spot printable (I’ve had this inexpensive laminator for a couple years now and it does a great job).




3  Give your child the sun spot printable and clothespins. Have him/her count the number of sun spots and attach the corresponding clothespin.









 All done…except for #10, which is MIA.










 The back has the directions and a short definition of sun spots.



 Store in a gallon-size sealable bag and save it for later!

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  1. I love this idea and think it will be a good tool. I think that I will have to mix up the dots, however because my daughter will figure out they go in order and just clip without counting!

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