Easter Dirt Cups With Happy Easter Chicks

First published 2015. Updated 2019.

Chicks and Dirt Dessert for Easter

Easter Dirt Pudding with Colored Easter Chicks

“Dirt” (layered Oreo crumbs and pudding) is one of our favorite spring-time snacks…and not just because our boys think it is fun to say they are eating dirt. We added an Easter spin on the classic dirt cups with some colored coconut and Marshmallow Chicks for this easy Easter treat!


After I made this dessert a few days ago (and thought I was being so creative), I stumbled upon these adorable Pudding Cups with Marshmallow Bunnies (and carrots). They are such a cute Easter treat! And then I wondered if other people had thought of the same idea with chicks. Well, they had! :)

Easter Dirt Pudding Recipe


Chocolate pudding (I didn’t have any instant on hand, so I made this super easy homemade chocolate pudding)
Package of Oreos (I pulverized ours in my Ninja, but you can also crush them manually)
Flaked coconut (with green food coloring)
Marshmallow Chicks
M&M’s Eggs


How To Make Easter Dirt Cups:


 1. Gather and prep your ingredients.


 2. Layer the “mud”…a little bit of Oreo crumbs and a little bit of pudding. Continue until you fill your container.



3. Top with shredded coconut (dyed green). Add a marshmallow chick and some egg candy!






Here is what Little Sister thought about our fun Easter dessert:



The boys enjoyed it most of all…but they didn’t stick around long enough to get a picture. :)




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