Spin-A-Letter Easter Eggs

I’ll be honest…this wasn’t my favorite activity. It didn’t go as well as I had planned and Big Brother, surprisingly, wasn’t really into it. I debated whether or not to post, but finally decided to go ahead because maybe it will work better for you!

The idea is similar to the Letter Boxes I posted way back when this blog was still a newborn. It has a bit more interaction though and obviously appropriately themed for Easter. :)

Here’s what you need:  Easter eggs, a sharpie, and several tiny objects that start with various letters of the alphabet.

1. On the egg, draw a star on one side of the opening and then the letters you wish to practice on the other side.
2. Place the small object (beginning with ONE of the letters on the egg) inside. I used a cap for “C”.
3. Give your child the egg and let him/her open it and identify the object inside.
4. Then have him/her spin the bottom half of the egg until the star is lined up with the corresponding letter. Then repeat with other objects/letters!

*Becky shared a great alternative to this idea on my Facebook page.  “For letter recognition, you could do a lowercase letter instead of the star, and random uppercase letters with one match on the other side. Make a bunch and store them in an egg carton.”


  1. for my Kindergartner, I used this idea but altered it to making words. On one side of the egg I put "ang", then "ing", "ang", and "ung". On the other side, I put letters like s, b, r, etc. It's such a great activity. My girls loved it, especially because I put candy inside that they got to eat when they were finished!

  2. Great idea! I think my children would enjoy playing this game with edible surprises inside (R for raisins, N for nuts, M for marshmallows, etc.). I just found your site today and I love all the ideas I’ve seen here! Thank you for sharing with us! I’m sure I’ll come back often for fun and educational ways to make memories playing with my children. Thanks again! :)

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