Alphabet Craft: Easter Egg Stamping on the Letter “E”

Easter Egg Stamping on the Letter E


Slowly but surely Little Brother is learning to recognize the letters of the alphabet. For those of you who might be astounded and severely disappointed at the fact that my 3-year old still doesn’t know all the letters of the alphabet, please keep in mind that he is a second-born who learns entirely differently than my firstborn (who just happens to be a people pleaser and overall lover of learning). Little Brother is very smart, but learns differently and displays it differently. He might not know all his letters, but he can say a word that Big Brother is struggling to read just by inferring. He is agile and as tough as a coconut. Different children = different strengths!

Activities with Little Brother must be engaging (and they often need to be his idea–which often takes some conniving on my part). Today was no exception. I knew if I said the word “paint” he would be uninterested (seriously, he is hard to please). So I opened up the bag of Easter Eggs and let him explore them for a while. After that, I got the paint out and suggested,

“Wow, wouldn’t it be fun if we opened these eggs and dipped them in the paint? Oh, lookee here…I have the letter “E” that we can stamp them on. That’s so neat! The letter “e” makes the /e/ sound and that’s what we here at the beginning of the word “egg”! What color do you want to paint first? Of course you picked orange, that’s your favorite color! Let’s keep stamping our eggs on our with other colors too!”

(See what I mean? It’s wonderfully exhausting thinking of ways to engage and motivate this child.)

Sure enough, Little Brother took the bait and enjoyed stamping the eggs on his Letter E (and still remembers what letter it is). Success! :)



Here’s what you’ll need:  Paint (which we received compliments of, plastic Easter eggs, a plate/tray, and cardstock (not pictured).





1. Cut the letter “E” out of card stock.





2. Let your little one explore the Easter eggs for a few minutes.





3. Squeeze some paint on a plate/tray…





…and then place the matching color of Easter egg on the plate.





4. Let your little begin stamping to his/her heart’s content (which happened to be about 2 minutes and 37 seconds for my guy). :)















And it’s done!


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  1. I have twins, so I can easily agree that every child learns differently. My daughter got the letters so quickly, however my son was a different story. It took him a lot longer. I thought he would never learn the letters even though we kept practicing them in fun ways. Then all of the sudden (out of the blue) he knew them all. It was like it finally clicked. He is even starting to sound out words (a step ahead of his sister). This same thing happened with colors. My daughter would learn one at a time, but my son had to have them all figured out before he got even one of them right.

  2. I did this with my daughter today (she’s almost 3) and started by asking her what the letter was (“E!!!”), then did she know anything that started with the letter E? “Ellie!!!” (her little sister) No idea when we ever taught her that, but apparently she picked up on it somewhere!

  3. This looks GREAT for my group of 10 mo, 21 mo, 4 yo, and 4.75 yo BOYS today. Okay I’ll probably just do paper for the littler two, but still.

  4. I work at a daycare with 2 year olds and love these ideas!! I know they will as well :). Thank you for sharing them with everyone!

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