Marbled Easter Egg Painting

Marbled Easter Eggs


After being gone for several days in the Mountains, it was time to get back into some activities…just in time for Easter! We made these marbled Easter Egg paintings using the same technique as these marbled leaves back in November. It was quick, easy, and made for a pretty finished product!


Here’s what you’ll need:  paint, shaving cream, craft sticks, and cardstock.






1. Draw an egg shape on your piece of cardstock.




 2. Spray some shaving cream into a shallow bowl.





 3. Add your selected colors of paint and swirl it around gently with a craft stick. I forgot to take a picture of this step…to many little hands helping. :)





 4. Spread the swirled shaving cream onto the cardstock.





 5. Scrape it off using the edge of the craft stick.





6. Let it dry.





 7. Cut it out and enjoy!


  1. We did this on real eggs too, roll them around ( used hard boiled) in the shaving cream/colors and let dry for about a half hour. Then wipe off with a towel.

  2. We had fun with this! We went ahead and blew out a couple of eggs and painted them with the shaving cream mixture, waited a few minutes and wiped the eggs off with a paper towel and they were beautiful! Now our fingers weren’t, so we played with some non mixed shaving cream and our hands were clean!! Worked great! Thanks

  3. Thank you for this great idea! My preschool group had so much fun doing this and requested it the rest of the week :).

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